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Chemical Policy

Tusuka Chemical Management Policy

Tusuka is committed to manage hazardous chemicals (covering physical, health and environmental hazards) during selection, use & discharge of each chemical consumed in our washing plant. The chemical management policy will cover all chemicals in process, product & waste.

Tusuka ensures protection of workers, communities and consumer health by managing compliance of the hazardous chemicals in our production systems, materials and products to the requirements of Brand and Buyers RSLs/MRSLs and The Bangladesh Environment Conservation act, 2010 & The Environment Conservation rules, 1997 & other legislations.

Tusuka understands that maintenance of safe and healthy working environment is an essential aspect for productivity, quality, cost and above all employees’ well-being.

Tusuka also endeavors that chemicals used and produced during our processes will have minimum adverse effect on human health and the environment/aquatic life, and the use of any toxic chemical will be eliminated.

Tusuka has achieved Chemical compliance by:

  1. Developing a chemical compliance team to manage hazards in raw materials, waste and input chemicals.
  2. Understanding & implementing application methods of chemicals used for each process, as recommended by the chemical supplier.
  3. Understanding MSDS & technical data sheet of each chemical, especially for its hazard and impact on health & environment.
  4. Reduce the consumption of restricted chemicals by adoption of clean technology and “green” products.
  5. Random testing of our outputs (finished articles and treated effluent/sludge) & inputs (Imported, input chemicals).
  6. Health & safety training for chemical hazards for all employees.
  7. Compliance to the RSLs of serviced Brands by:
    • Documenting and communicating the RSLs to our employees and raw material suppliers/chemical suppliers.
    • Ensuring correct and complete Declarations from chemical suppliers
    • Regularly updating & communicating the revision in the RSLs.

This policy has been communicated to all our employees and shall be made available to the public/stakeholders and also it will be reviewed annually.