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Tusuka established its own in-house fabric and garments testing laboratory with state of the art technology. Approved by numerous international standards, our lab is fully equipped for testing all types of fabrics to ensure all garment compliance are met.

Our goal is to provide total satisfaction to our customers, through quality services and maintaining complete security, confidentiality, and integrity of test results.

Our services include testing of garments, fabrics and accessories in accordance with different international standards such as AATCC. Our Lab also approved by World renowned buyer H&M, Varner Group and other European customers.


  1. Color Fastness to Washing.
  2. Color Fastness to Water.
  3. Color Fastness to Rubbing
  4. Color Fastness to Perspiration
  5. Color Fastness to Phenolic Yellowing
  6. Color fastness to household Laundering
  7. Appearance after wash
  8. Dimensional stability to washing
  9. Grams per square meter (GSM)
  10. Twisting
  11. PH Value
  12. Tear Strength.
  13. Tensile Strength
  14. Seam slippage
  15. Stretch Recovery
  16. Nickel
  17. Pull Test