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Board Of Directors

The highest governing body of Tusuka is the Board of Directors who is responsible for establishing broad policies and objectives that aid in governing Tusuka, setting revenue goals and to overview the performance of the Top Management. Tusuka is privately owned and operated company with Novotel & NovoAir Limited as its sister concerns.

Arshad Jamal (Dipu)

Chairman – Tusuka Group
Director –  BGMEA
Independent Director –  Trust Bank


Arshad Jamal (Dipu), Chairman of Tusuka Group, Director of BGMEA and Independent Director of Trust Bank was born in the year 1968. He was meritorious and bright since his boyhood. He completed Honour’s and MBA (Finance) from IBA (Institute of Business Administration) of Dhaka University in the year 1992, before that he studied in the BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) for 3 years. Afterwards he also earned MDS (Master of Development Studies) from BRAC University and finished MDP Course from Columbia University (USA) in the year 2008.

Mr. Jamal started Buying House business while he was a student of Dhaka University. His hard work and perseverance started to bring success one after another in the business. He established Tusuka Fashions Ltd, first manufacturing unit in this group in the year 2000. Now Tusuka Jeans Ltd, Tusuka Trousers Ltd, Tusuka Processing Ltd and Tusuka Apparels Ltd are the successful units in this process. Not only in Garments sector he also entered into the International Telecom business with NovoTel Ltd, milestone success for him.

NovoTel is one of the IGW Company that got the license from the BTRC through an open bid in the year 2007. All his business units are well managed with high level of professionalism; his wise, judicious and well-composed directives are the key success factors in this regard. He also started chartered operation of China Southern Airlines in the year 2008.

In 2013 he entered in Air Transport business, with a private passenger airlines as Novo Air, which is serving domestic routes in Bangladesh with an immediate intention for regional connectivity

He is now Vice President of BGMEA and Member, Board of Trustees, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology. He was the successful Chairman of the Foreign Mission Cell of BGMEA and visited US Congress, Senate and State Department as an active member of the BGMEA Lobbing Team in the year 2006 and 2010 to facilitate the Duty Free Access in the USA market. He also attended WTO conference at Geneva as BGMEA representative in the year 2009. In the year 2010 he worked as representative from Commerce ministry to facilitate the Duty Free Access in the Indian market. He also accompanied Prime Minister during her visit to Japan and India.

For consecutive three terms, he was elected as board member of Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). As Director in Research and Policy matters, he was the facilitator between GOB (Commerce Ministry) and BGMEA in GSP issue.

He was also declared CIP (Commercially Important Person) by The Government of Bangladesh for the year 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017. His father Late Mustafa Jamal was the high level Government Officer; he served different ministry with his honesty, sincerity and professionalism.

Fayzur Rahman (Badal)

Managing Director

He started his carrier as an Asst. Merchandiser in the year 1992 in Epic Designers Ltd, a reputed Buying House in the country. He did extremely good in his assigned work and established himself as an efficient Merchandiser. The Company sponsored him a six months training program on ’Design and Pattern Making” in Bangladesh German Institute under a Swedish expert where he learned procedure scientifically that helped him in his carrier progression. He worked there with foreign experts and earned valuable expertise. After 3 years, he joined as General Manager in Merchandising Department in a renowned Buying House, Winners Limited. Finally in 1998 he began his own business through Texel Limited, a buying House. Since then it’s a history of success with enormous growth.

He is elected to parliament from Brahmanbaria-5. As a Managing Director of Tusuka and Chairman of NOVOAIR his efficiency consisting of Tusuka Fashions Ltd, Tusuka Jeans Ltd, Tusuka Trousers Ltd and Tusuka Apparels Ltd, Tusuka Denim Ltd in manufacturing unit; Tusuka Processing & Tusuka Washing Ltd. in Laundry unit, NOVOTEL (International Telecom Gateway) and NOVOAIR (Air Transport Services). Now he is involved in coordinating different divisions, setting overall targets, human resource planning, negotiating with foreign buyers, representing the company in international trade fairs, visiting countries as member of trade delegation, conflict management, participating in important labor meetings, planning labor welfare projects of the companies. He is the key person in overall management.

He visited many Textile Mills in different countries like China, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Thailand etc. for efficient sourcing of raw materials.

He has also social commitment; he was elected as a honorable MP (Member of Parliament of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh from Brahmanbaria 5 constitution in 2014. He achieved this only because he worked sincerely for the benefit of people in the root level of the society.

Md. Rafayet Ullah Khan

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Rafayet Ullah Khan born in a noble Muslim family at Gazaria, Munishgonj. He completed Graduation from Dhaka University. From his childhood he was engaged various social welfare activities.

He is the Deputy Managing Director of the all factory others sisters concern of Tusuka since 2001 and Director of NovoAir.

He has high level human management skill; successfully managing day by day event in the factory’ also efficiently managing safety, welfare and compliance issue in the factory International Trade.

He also engages international trade related matters negotiating with foreign buyer, representing the company in international trade fairs, visiting countries as member of trade delegation. Labor Relation. He is the key person of the company regarding labor negotiation and conflicts management; participating in important labor meeting; attend training conducted by ILO for better management of labor.

He was ex-co-Chairman in the standing committee on Apparel club and Arbitration of BGMEA. Ex Member in the standing committee of Customs, BGMEA, and Inspection for new license BGMEA.

He was also standing committee member of political affairs, BGMEA and BIFT, BGMEA. Currently he engaged with social work for education of Gozaria, Munshiganj.


  • Zonal Advisor, Bangladesh Human Rights Commission, Munshiganj.
  • Chairman, BGMEA Standing Committee of NGO Affairs.
  • Chairman, Rasulpur Batenia Dakhil Madrasha.
  • Chairman, Kalimullah University College, Bhaber Char, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Land Donor & Founder, Md. Rafayet Ullah Khan Gov. Primary School.
  • Donor Member, Bhaber Char Wazir Ali High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Ex. Chairman, Gazaria Upazila Parishad, Monshigonj.
  • Ex. Chairman, Gazaria Pilot Boys High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Ex. Chairman, Gazaria Pilot Girls High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Ex. Chairman, Gazaria Baghaikandi Kalimullah High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.


  • Member, Kurmitola Golf Club, Dhaka Cantonment.
  • Member, Army Golf Club, Dhaka Cantonment.
  • Member, Uttara Club, Dhaka.


  • Bhaber Char Wazir Ali High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Gazaria Pilot Model Boys High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Rasulpur Batenia Dakhil Madrasha, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Gazaria Pilot Girls High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Bhaber Char Girls High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Hosendi High School, Hosendi, Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Guagasia High School, Guagasia Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Bashur Char High School, Guagasia Gazaria, Munshigonj.
  • Raypara High School, Baloakandi, Gazaria, Munshigonj.

Mr. Feroz Alam


Mr. Feroz Alam, born in a noble Muslim family at Shibchar, Madaripur. He had started his carrier in apparels factory production, and eventually he become Chief Technician of Epic Designers. He is one of the best apparels manufacturing expert in the country.

He has high level of production skills successfully managing day to day events in the factory. Also efficiently managing safety, productivity, welfare and compliance issues in all the factories.

He is nourishing the liaison between the management & workers, which is the key strength of the company.

He is also negotiating with foreign buyers, representing the company in international trade fairs and visiting different countries as member of trade delegation.

NovoAir: His hard work and perseverance started to bring success one after another in the business. After apparels industry, company started Airlines Business. He is involved with Novo Air and coordinating between different divisions, setting overall targets, human resource planning, negotiating, supplies, sales, overall monitoring the airline’s operation. In January 2018, he took responsibility as a Deputy Managing Director.

Ford Automobiles Ltd: He has high exposure in multiple manufacturing plants. In 2005, he took the ownership of Ford Automobiles Ltd. This company was established in 1985 as a pioneer Body Fabrication Factory of medium to heavy vehicles like, Motor bus, AC , non AC, Office transport, Airport, Travel Bus, Truck, Pickup etc. The company is the only official agent of Progiti Industries Limited and Army Workshop. This factory is also doing modification works of vehicle’s body, providing technical support for all vehicle and specialized in interior and exterior decoration of the vehicles.

He is engaged in various social welfare activities from his early stage. He is engaged with a lot of school’s social work and charity work for lower community. He also involved with different sports and football association.


  • One of the owner & DMD: NOVOAIR (One of the renowned International & domestic Air lines of Bangladesh).
  • Director: TUSUKA Group (Prime garments exporter in Bangladesh).
  • Director: Novotel (The very first IGW company of the country is also a sister concern enterprise of Tusuka Group)


  • President: Uttara Club Limited.
  • Elected EC Member: All Community Club.
  • Convener: Development Sub Committee of All Community Club (ACCL).
  • Convener: Development Sub Committee of Royal Club.
  • Director: SHEIKH JAMAL SPORTING CLUB, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.


  • Dhaka Boat Club,
  • Narayanganj Club,
  • Army Golf Club,
  • All Community Club (ACCL),
  • Dhaka Capital Recreation Club,
  • Royal Club.


  • Former Chairman: BGMEA Medical Team (five years).
  • Regular donor & contributors in different social community activities in Religious Sectors, Educational Sectors, Sports Sectors etc.