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Tusuka has very strong and efficient Quality Controlling team in all the factories who make sure the sewing quality is according to the customer’s requirement. We also have a central QA team who assist the factory QA team in every aspects of quality controlling. In case of every new input, our factory conducts an internal PP meeting with all the QA personals in that line and all the operations are elaborately discussed in that meeting. All the QA stuffs make sure that they fully understand the quality requirement of each and every operation and then only factory goes into bulk production.

1) Sample Procedure
2) Measurement Method
3) Shade Checking Method
4) Light Box
5) Fabric Inspection
6) Fabric Storage
7) Fabric Shrinkage
8) Accessories
9) Production
10) Trial cutting
11) Spreading and Cutting
12) Stitching
13) Thread Cutting /Trimming
14) Needle Detection
15) Inspection