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Environment and Climate

The gaments and washing industry plays an important role in the economic growth as well as the environmental sector of Bangladesh. The washing industries have been condemned as being one of the World’s most offenders in term of water pollution. There are many washing industries In Bangladesh which are mainly located at EPZ. Gazipur, Chittagong industrial area. But various laws imposed by the governments have created the opportunity to avoid and maintain a sustainable water pollution problem. Tusuka is highly committed to the protection of the Environment. We are using Chemical based ETP for washing plant to manage our water and energy consumption to maintain a sustainable environment.  Recently completed 300m3/hour Bio-logical ETP is fully functioning release water as per standard environment regulation.  Using Ecological Chemical, Process Machine using double outlet system, Hot Water Transport Pipeline System, Using Servo Motor, T5 Tube Light, Inventor system, Auto Water Pump, Using Large Window at every factory floor for open light etc

Power Generation

The centralizeed power generation facility is capable of producing the required electricity for all business units of the Station. The facility currently produces power using both natural gas and diesel fuel. All generators are synchronized to enable matching of power output to actual consumption, thus saving costly fuel expenditure. Keeping provisions to further capacity enhancement, this captive power house is well positioned to meet the future energy demand of the Station. A team of qualified professionals are currently exploring the options of utilizing solar power and co-generation techniques as part of our Green cost saving objectives

Bio-Logical- Effluent Treatment Plant

The entire chemical and water waste generated at the Station is channeled through the ETP before releasing them to the environment. The treatment is done as local environmental regulatory requirements and maintain BSR standard parameter. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations.