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Research & Development

In denim fabric it is very important and in the context of sustainable fabric options are selected from the range of Organic, Recycle and Eco dyeing. Also conventional fabric, from renowned denim mills all over the globe. Prime function of R&D is to develop and propose various wash alternatives or options to meet the brands requirements. Uses of Sustainable chemicals like stone free low temperature enzymes; Low Liquor ratio machines to reduce water uses; alternatives of corrosive chemicals like bleach and Potassium-per-manganite (PP) have provided us to get low EMI scores in development. Also use of advance machineries such as E-Flow, Magic Box, Lasers, Tonnello O-Free Ozone Machine has enhanced our sustainable approach in Laundry. Based on the current trend, new styling, washes and embellishments are developed by our in-house design team and seasonal mood board is created. Quarterly the team is responsible to create new collections. In-house designers are responsible to suggested new designs following the current trends, and also develop samples to analyze the risk and ensure production feasibility. Our team is also focusing the sustainable Trims such recycle metal item, ecofriendly metal finishing, recycle polyester thread, recycled zipper Tapes to meet the current sustainable needs.