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Tusuka Washing Ltd.

The  washing  plant  is  well  equipped with  modern   machineries  and  tools.  It is  located  at  the  same premises Tusuka Denim  Ltd. It has 440 sets machines  of USA & EUROPEAN Brands like Tonello Ozone Machine  03 (special without  water),  Tonello  Machine  & Yelmac  etc.  We can do Hand  Brushing,  Whisker, Grinding, Tagging and PP Spraying etc.

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Factory Basic Information :

Main Buildings : Wet Process,
Dry Process,
Utility Building
No of Floors : 4
Total Space of Production Area:
92,355 sqft
Wet Process Capacity 20,000 pcs/day
Dry Process Capacity 25,000 pcs/day
Date of Operation 1st Phase & Capacity 10 set Wash Machine from May 2014.
& Capacity 300000 pcs per month (300k-350k / Month)
Total No of Machines : 1084 Set
No of Wash Machines : 20 Set
Current Employee : 1300 (approximate)
Address :

Gazipur, Bangladesh.